So you have a finished a cd, put together an incredible website, rehearsed your show and fine tuned it, and have even started to book a few gigs locally. Like any artist just starting out you would like the world to know that you are here and deserve to be listened to. But how do you go about getting attention, especially if you’re a new act? Well, what you need is ‘Press’! You need to get media interested in covering you or your product so people will know that you exist. But once again the question is how to get press when you are a new artist? The answer is Blogs and Podcasts.

Let me tell you a quick story of how this worked for a major celebrity and how you can use the same strategy.


Author Michael Baisden Takes to Blogs and Podcasts

In 2013 author Michael Baisden wrote a book called ‘Raise Your Hand If You Have Issues’. Now for those of you who are not familiar with Michael Baisden he is a self published author who has sold millions of books. If that isn’t enough he rose to national prominence with the baisden-suit-1aMichael Baisden Show where he had an audience of over 8 million fans daily. On his show he interviewed many prominent guests including President Barack Obama.

As I mentioned in the prior paragraph Michael Baisden wrote a book called ‘Raise Your Hand If You Have Issues’. When he released this book he did something that was very interesting. Instead of promoting it the conventional way through magazines and various print and television media he instead chose to take a grassroots approach. He promoted his book through Podcasters and Bloggers.

Now you would think that a celebrity with his stature would not bother with small everyday bloggers and podcasters but that is exactly what he did. It seemed as though anyone that had a blog or podcast with a following of 10 or more people was good enough for him to appear on or give an interview to. Even though I’m sure this was time consuming for a person of his stature it was very apparent that it paid off for him in the end. Not only were his sales better than his previous book but his Facebook page grew to well over 1 million followers at the same time (Increased Brand Awareness).

So how can this information help you? First let’s talk about what it won’t do.


Increased Sales

When was the last time you heard a new song by a new artist on the radio and rushed straight to iTunes to purchase it? I can help you with the answer; NEVER! Unless it was an artist (or in the case of Michael Baisden an author) that you have been a fan of for a while chances are high that you have never heard an artist for the first time and rushed to purchase their music. Well if you have never done it then guess what, other people aren’t doing it either. Just because you did an interview on a live streaming radio show or podcast, or you had an article written about your music in a blog doesn’t mean the world is going to rush to buy it.

This may leave you wondering what is the purpose of press if it doesn’t generate sales. Well let’s examine what press does do for you.



Increased Brand Awareness

The purpose of press is to create ‘Brand Awareness‘ (as in the case of Michael Baisden with the surge of Facebook fans). When you get press the goal is to generate interest in your story. If it is compelling enough you will get listeners and readers to enter your sales/marketing funnel.

Note: If you don’t know what a sales/marketing funnel is then read The Independent Artists’ Guide to Creating Paying Customers.

Once you get readers and listeners into the sales/marketing funnel then having press has done it’s job.


Increased Chance of Getting Higher Qualified Fans

In traditional press you cast a wide net to grab as many potential fans as possible and then reduce them through a qualifiable process. With blogs and pocasts you are starting out with a more qualified potential fan. The reason the audience would be more receptive to you (qualified) is because they are reading an article or listening to a podcast produced by someone whose opinion they follow and trust. Therefore if you’re being covered or interviewed, the blooger or podcaster is telling their audience that you are worth checking out and the audience are more prone to do it.

Before I end this article I want to say one more thing.


Think Outside the Box

When you are compiling a list of podcasts and blogs to submit to don’t just focus on your genre or category. Think of any category that may have a relation to what you do and think of ways to turn it into an interesting story. Michael Baisden’s book was mainly about relationships, yet he interviewed on Gospel streaming radio shows, LGBT blogs and podcasts, and just about anywhere he thought he could get an audience that would relate to the subject of his book..

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying if you’re a heavy metal band that you should ask to be interviewed by a blog that clearly states they only accept submissions from classical musicians. However if you are a heavy metal band that has recorded a song that was influenced by classical music, maybe you can convince that blogger or podcaster that you have a story that their audience may find interesting.


So there you have it, ‘How to Get Press When You Are a New Artist’. I hope you found this article informative and hopefully you can apply some of the strategies to gain press for your artistic endeavors.

Please feel free to share your comments in the comment section below. Your opinions and/or advice are welcomed.  I would love to hear what each and every one of you have to say. Til’ next time!

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